Q: Where do you get your stock lots from?

A: We buy the stocks directly from the brand's companies, from liquidators etc.

Q: What can you supply?

A: We offer all kinds of clearance products, including branded fashion, sportswear, shoes and accessories, as well as children’s and babies’ apparel. We also supply a full range of fabric stocks for the textile industry through a dedicated department.

Q: How old is the stock?

A: We always carry the latest and most fashionable stock of the last season just concluded.

Q: How can I ensure the quality of the goods?

A: Our buyers are always welcome to visit our main warehouse or stock locations throughout Europe upon request. All our branded goods are genuine and backed with the appropriate paperwork where relevant. Any restrictions of distributions or sales are documented on each of our offers.

Q: What is the minimum quantity I can order?

A: Standard orders are 25,000 items or more. This is the equivalent of Xm3. All orders are subject to pre-defined proportions of included goods. In certain cases the lots can be split; however the proportions of the goods contained remains the same.

Q: If you don't have the items that I want, can I ask you to look for it?

A: We are well connected directly with the biggest fashion brands around the world, as well as being connected to a large database of clearance, liquidation and close-out stock. We can purchase goods on your behalf. Alternatively we offer a brokerage service. Just let us know what you are looking for.

Q: Who are your Customers?

A: Large retail, trade or wholesale distribution companies, mainly Eastern European store chains and traders. We also have a network of independent retailers reaching as far as Latin America and Asia.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our administrative offices are located in Switzerland and our logistics centers are in Barcelona, Italy and Dubai. Please note: visits are strictly by appointment only.

Q: May I inspect your facilities and see your product lines?

A: Yes of course; we are always delighted to welcome customers to our facilities and are happy to pick you up at the nearest airport.

Please note: visits are strictly by appointment only.