IBERTEX GROUP is a stock-solution-trading company, specialising in a wide range of clearance and liquidated stock from the garment industry, renowned internationally for an outstanding service delivery philosophy.aaaa

Based in Switzerland, IBERTEX GROUP manages supply chain solutions in Dubai, Hong Kong, Panama, Istanbul, Tehran and Barcelona, to ensure dependable stock availability and best practice logistics support of its customers. 

With clients throughout the Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Far East, Latin America and beyond, the IBERTEX GROUP continues to raise standards to compete on an international scale with the provision of comprehensive service delivery to corporate clients – store chains, wholesalers and trading companies. IBERTEX GROUP provides stock solutions for branded fashion apparel, shoes, accessories and other liquidated stock.

IBERTEX GROUP stands for versatility. Stock lots include famous European clothes brands (for kids, women and men), sportswear, accessories and shoes, as well as children’s wear and babies’ apparel. 

Our glamorous brands will add a splash of colour and vitality to everybody’s life, and enhance your quality of life with the high quality of our products.

IBERTEX GROUP offers a full range of services from supply to acquisition. We welcome your enquiry, be that if you are seeking to acquire or to trade. Ibertex Group also deals in liquidations, discounted lines and clearance goods of branded stock, provided it is located in Europe with full paper work.

IBERTEX GROUP strives to give integrity and credibility to every project, deal or transaction undertaken. The company is always interested in exploring honest and reliable partnerships.

When making an enquiry, we request you provide your company credentials, before we submit offers most suitable to your business.

IBERTEX GROUP’s mission statement is –‘consistent commitment to quality and customers’.